Tips for Choosing a Commercial Real
Estate Attorney

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Investing in commercial real estate either as a location for your company or as investment property isn’t something you should attempt to handle on your own. There are too many complexities and too much at risk to proceed without an experienced commercial real estate attorney assisting you through the process. As is the case in most professions, there are ones out there you’ll have a great experience with and those you might not. Here are a few tips for choosing a commercial real estate attorney that you’ll be happy with.

Tips for Choosing a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

  • Look for experience- While everyone has to get their start somewhere, it doesn’t mean you have to hire them with something as important as a major commercial real estate transaction. Protect yourself by choosing someone with years of experience so you can be sure your real estate transaction will be handled efficiently, effectively, and accurately.
  • Look for varied services- The more complicated closings that a commercial real estate attorney has been involved with, the more advanced their capabilities will be. If they offer a wide variety of services, there is a good chance they’ve seen and done it all. This means they’ll have an answer for you regardless of how unique your question might be.
  • Look for an investor-friendly commercial real estate attorney- If you are an investor, you have different objectives than an end-user would have. You need an attorney that can see things from the eyes of an investor so they can best advise you and solve virtually any problem that comes up.

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