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Initiate a beneficial real estate deal by closing with us on a contract for deed.

Buyers who do not qualify for traditional financing options, or those who want to finance a property as quickly as possible, may opt for a contract for deed. Contracts for deed are tools that let the buyer make regular payments to the seller until the buyer either finds a way to pay off the balance, or the amount owed is paid in full throughout the loan term. Until the balance on the deed is paid, the seller keeps legal title to the property.

Contracts for Deed in Greensboro, North Carolina

Most contracts for deed start as a negotiation made between a seller and a buyer independent of a real estate agent. Most contracts for deed last approximately five years, but they can last for any length of time the seller and buyer agree on. Additionally, since interest rates on contracts for deed are not regulated, the rate is determined during negotiations between the seller and buyer.

Closing on a contract for deed initiates what should be a beneficial agreement for both a buyer and the seller. At Innovative Closing Solutions, we make sure the transaction maintains its advantages by moving the deal to closing quickly and representing either the buyer or seller with complete accuracy and reliability.

We help buyers and sellers throughout the Greensboro, North Carolina area close on contracts for deed, and we would be happy to discuss the terms of your deal to prepare for your closing day. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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