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We make sure closing on your hard money loan goes quickly.

Often referred to as private loans or rehab loans, hard money loans are a type of financing used to purchase and rehabilitate investment properties. In most cases, hard money loans do not conform with standard underwriting stipulations and are not usually offered by mortgage brokers or banks.

Hard Money Loans in Greensboro, North Carolina

One of the main reasons investors prefer hard money loans over traditional financing is the rate at which capital can be procured. Often, you can close on a hard money loan faster and with fewer contingencies than when using financing provided by a bank.

Innovative Closing Solutions recognizes your desire to close on hard money loans quickly and efficiently, so you can ensure the return on investment you gain from your investment property. With experience working on over 10,000 closings throughout the Greensboro, North Carolina area, our professionals can manage any complications with speed, accuracy, and a level of proficiency hard to find elsewhere.

Although hard money loans generally close much faster than traditional financing, you need several types of documentation to secure the funding, such as:

  • A deed of trust
  • A promissory note
  • A HUD closing statement
  • A loan agreement
  • A personal guarantee (optional)

As with any loan, we’ll make sure you fully understand your rights and responsibilities going in while ensuring all the above-listed documents are accurate and in order for an efficient, effective closing. Set up your appointment today by giving us a call at Innovative Closing Solutions.

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