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Close on your private loan with the trusted representation of our firm.

Private loans, or hard money loans, are short-term loans secured by real estate property. Funded by private investors instead of conventional lenders, like a credit union or bank, private loans generally have terms that last anywhere from one to five years. Typically, private loans require interest-only payments along with some principal, requiring a balloon payment at the end of the loan’s life.

Private Loans in Greensboro, NC, North Carolina

As a borrower, you can secure a private loan for nearly any type of property, from multi-family residential and commercial to industrial, land, and single-family residential. But the main benefit of private loans is that the lending process is much faster than obtaining funding through a bank or credit union, and in most cases, much less documentation is required.

Founded by attorney Brian Elam, Innovative Closing Solutions conducts closings on private loans in Greensboro, NC, North Carolina. We understand you want to close on your loan quickly, so you can move forward earning profits on your investment property. Our role in the closing process is to minimize headaches and overcome complications that could delay closing and your ability to secure the loan as soon as possible.

Offering trusted advice and representation for investors, we understand the intricacies of private loans as they apply to real estate and are here to ensure the closing process is smooth, efficient, and quick. Let us tell you more about why you should bring your closing to our firm – contact us today to set up your appointment!

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