We offer a variety of services to get you to a successful real estate closing.

There can be many similarities between real estate closings, but that doesn’t mean they are identical. At Innovative Closing Solutions, we look upon each transaction based on its own needs so that we can provide you with the right services for the situation. We are experienced with and equipped to handle contracts for deeds, private loans, lease purchases, lease options, purchase agreements, refinance closings, seller financing, hard money loans, and subject-to types of transactions. You can rest assured that as an investor, our services will get you to any real estate closing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that you need.

At Innovative Closing Solutions, we look upon each transaction based on its own needs so that we can provide you with the right services for the situation.

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Real Estate Closing

Make your real estate closing simple and successful. With a location in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Innovative Closing Solutions represents sellers,...
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Hard Money Loans

We make sure closing on your hard money loan goes quickly. Often referred to as private loans or rehab loans,...
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Lease Purchases

Make your dream of homeownership a reality! Lease purchases are an option many people consider to make the dream of...
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Lease Options

We help buyers and sellers interested in lease options draft clear, concise agreements. Lease options are a popular form of...
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Realtor Lawyer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Lease-to-Buy Agreement

Our firm develops fair lease-to-buy agreements for landlords and tenants. Lease-to-buy agreements include all the components of a standard lease,...
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Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Private Loans

Close on your private loan with the trusted representation of our firm. Private loans, or hard money loans, are short-term...
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Purchase Closing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Purchase Closing

Worry-free closings overseen by our experienced firm. Your closing date is the day you become the new owner of a...
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Refinance Closing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Refinance Closing

Successfully close on your refinance. Refinancing your mortgage can provide the opportunity to secure a lower interest rate, resulting in...
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Real Estate Investing in High Point, North Carolina

Seller Financing

Protect your interests as a buyer or as a seller providing financing. In a seller financing situation, the seller presumes...
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Subject To in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Subject To

We can help you successfully close on a subject to loan. As the name suggests, a subject to mortgage is...
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Contracts for Deed in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Contracts for Deed

Initiate a beneficial real estate deal by closing with us on a contract for deed. Buyers who do not qualify...
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Property Attorney in High Point, North Carolina

Double Closing

A double closing can be a beneficial tactic during certain real estate transactions. If there is one thing that anyone...
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