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Quick Property Closings
without sacrificing accuracy

ICS in North Carolina provides property closings on real estate in as little as two weeks.

Closing on a property is a complicated task, but with the help of our attorney and experienced closing staff, you can close on your property efficiently and accurately. 

2-Week Real Estate Closings

Communicative Through Entire Process

Efficient & Accurate

Your Guide to a Two-Week Close

Day 1

Title Search
(collects information on property)

Day 5

Paralegal Review
(identifies possible title concerns)

Day 10

Attorney Review
(solves title concerns & preps file for closing)

Day 11

(confirming closing date & finalizing paperwork)

Day 12


Days 13 & 14

Post Closing
(Documents are recorded & funds are disbursed)

The Closing Process

  • Receive contract, open file.
    • To open a file, we need a fully executed contract and contact information for all parties.
    • Collect general information about each party involved through our SIS and TIF.

    • Once we have the title search back, there is a basic review done by an employee and an email update sent to all involved parties before the file goes to our paralegal for a more extensive review.

    • As our paralegal reviews the file she identifies possible title concerns or indicates clear title, and we send out another email update so all parties are kept in the loop.

    • Once the update is sent, the file goes to the attorney for final review.

    • During the attorney’s final review, he will create solutions to any title concerns, ensure the buyer will be purchasing a clear title, and order the title insurance.

    • The attorney will not conduct his final review without having both our SIS and TIF completed. Please answer all questions on the document for a timely, accurate review and follow-up.
    • After the attorney’s review, the file goes to our closing coordination team to get all documents finalized for closing and ensure all parties will be there to sign.

    • Once all documents are signed, our closing coordination team submits the file for recording. Before we can record, we must have all documents executed, all funds, and in some cases funding authorization from a lender.
    • Once we are on record, the attorney will disburse funds to the proper parties. Funding cannot occur until we are on record, and typically happens the day after closing.

      Close on Your Property in Less Than 2 Weeks

      With the assistance of Innovative Closing Solutions, you’ll be able to close on your property in a couple weeks. Rather than going through all the hoops and annoyances that a property closing normally carries with it, allow our professionals to handle your property closing for you.

      Call us today to ask any questions you have about our property closing process.

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